Intro to Fishing, Goulburn River

Intro to Fishing, Goulburn River

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Introduction to Fishing 

Get out for a fish and learn the basics of fishing the Goulburn River - We will take you out on the water and show you everything from tying a hook and sinker on, to hopefully catching your first fsh in the Goulburn River.

This is only a quick fishing session aimed at educating new anglers and building  your confidence to go out on your own. We will supply all the gear but we unfortunately can not guarentee you'll catch a fish in this short amount of time.



1 Canoe : $120

2 Canoes : $200

3 Canoes : $280

 You can have a canoe by yourself or paddle with a friend! 


  • Distance: 1-2 km
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Start Location will be announced upon booking.
  • End Location will be the same as the entry point.

Before you book!

  • Take 3 Minutes to Learn the J-Stroke (trust me, it'll help)

If you found that intereing - watch this video with a more indepth overview about canoeing..


What is included:


What to Bring:


If its under 15 degrees or raining think about bringing these additional items..

  • Beanie
  • Gloves
  • Windproof / Waterproof outerwear


Wear Layers of clothing so that you can adjust. Your body temperature will increase so most likely you'll take a layer off while paddling.

Cotton not recommended


  • Weather effects (Rain / wind / sunburn)
  • Submerged Objects in the water
  • Overhanging Tree Limbs
  • Other waterway users
  • Wildlife


Please give 48 hours notice. If cancelled due to weather, we will transfer to another date or a full refund may be issued upon request.